Key Questions

How long does the average translation take?
The time taken to complete a translation is obviously dependant on the length of the text. On average, a translator can complete approx. 8 sides or 2,000 words per day. Where data is transferred via e-mail or fax the translation is sent to you immediately after it has been completed and checked by the translator. However, the process is different for a notarised translation. In this case, the original document must be made available to the translator so that they can confirm the completeness and accuracy of the translation as well as agreeing it with the source text. The transfer of documents can only be effected by post or courier. You should therefore allow at least 2 - 3 working days for a notarised translation, irrespective of how minimal the content of the text may be.

Is there an express service?
Generally you can assume that we carry out each assignment as quickly as possible. If you require an urgent translation, a surcharge is made to secure delivery even faster than stated above. Obviously it is not possible to translate a 30 page contract within 2 hours - after all, the target text ought to be of a high quality. This aside, we rise to (almost) every challenge. At Fix International Services, customer satisfaction is absolutely paramount.
Why does Fix International Services apply a minimum charge?
If you submit documents with a very low word count for translation, like birth certificates or driving licences for example, Fix International Services has to apply a minimum charge to cover processing costs.

Is it possible to receive a discount on very large projects?
We are more than happy to prepare an individual quotation or outline agreement for each customer who requires translation of a text with a very high word count.

How long does it take to set up a seminar or workshop?
You should allow approx. 6 weeks lead time when using our intercultural service for setting up a seminar or workshop. Only in this way is it possible for us to organise a tailor-made event for you.

Why does the line count invoiced deviate from the number of lines in the source text?
The line count as detailed in the invoice does not relate to the number of standard lines in the source text but to the total line count of the target text into which it is translated. Minor variances can arise from language to language. We will gladly provide an exact calculation of the cost of the translation on request; for a better understanding of pricing please use the calculator on this homepage.