Language Distinctions

British English or American English?
Translations in to or out of the English language dominate the translation market, not just in Germany, but worldwide. After all, English is the no.1 language in the world and the Anglo-Saxon and American spoken word has given essential impetus to the worlds of culture and commerce. And this is initially why texts translated into the English language turn out to be snappier than their German counterparts. Long sentences are few and far between. American English (AE) is the name for English that is predominantly spoken in America. British English (BE) is used in Great Britain and is also now the language of reference throughout the entire Commonwealth while American English is spoken in many Asian countries.
Curious fact: in truth, American English seems more modern yet, in comparison to British English, it is really quite dated. The reason: language evolves at greater speed in its mother country. In the case of technical translations it is extremely important that strictly American or British native speakers are assigned for there are more terms to be found in technical texts than any other that are native language specific, despite attempts to unify terminology. The differences do not just constitute variations in spelling, but often in meaning too. In practise, American English spelling is predominantly used for websites and international publications.