We have 300 native speakers working for us worldwide. The majority of them are sworn translators and interpreters with proven qualifications. They are experienced professionals, specialising in specific areas of expertise, including sign language, who are able to notarise documents, proofread and provide interpreting services. We address our clients' projects precisely and confidentially and are supported by the most modern technology and means of collaboration. By using the right words, qualified experts and appropriate techniques we achieve clear and efficient international communication for our clients.

Fix International Services provides translations services according to DIN EN 15038. Our registration number at DIN CERTO: 7U164.

From German Standard DIN 2345 to European Standard EN 15038. The yardstick for quality of the translator at European level has developed further. In August 2006, DIN 2345, as the previous valid standard for this branch, was replaced by DIN EN 15038 "Translation services - Service requirements".
The aim of DIN EN 15038 is to create transparency in the supply of translation services and therefore to provide assistance to the customer and the agent. The contract parties are free to apply the standard of their contract.