The Charter of Diversity

"The diversity of today's society – fueled by globalization and demographic change – characterizes business life in Germany. We can only succeed in business if we embrace and harness diversity - in our workforce and in the varying needs of our customers and business associates. A diverse workforce with various talents and skills opens up opportunities for innovative, creative solutions.

Our organization is implementing the Charter of Diversity in order to provide a work environment free of prejudice. All employees should be respected – regardless of their gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, philosophy, physical ability, age, sexual orientation and identity. Our organization derives economic benefits from acknowledging and promoting diversity.

We provide an environment of acceptance and mutual trust. This enhances our image among business partners and consumers in Germany and the other countries of the world.

Under this Charter, we shall:

  • Cultivate a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation for each individual. We shall create the conditions so that supervisors and employees understand, share and model these values. Managers and supervisors are under a special obligation in this regard.
  • Review our human resource processes to ensure they take into account the diverse talents and abilities of all employees as well as our performance standards.
  • Acknowledge the diversity of society in and outside the organization, appreciate its inherent potential and put it to profitable use for the organization.
  • Make the Charter's implementation a topic of discussion in and outside the organization.
  • Publicly report on our activities and the progress we have made in promoting diversity and respect for difference on an annual basis.
  • Inform our employees about diversity and involve them in implementing the Charter.

We are convinced that embracing and appreciating diversity has a positive impact on society in Germany."